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    ·AHS Students Invited to Attend World Science Festival 2019-04-15
    ·Simsbury High Schoolfrom US Paid a Visit to AHS 2019-04-15
    ·AHS Badminton Team Won the Gold in Jinan Municipal Badminton Championshipfor M... 2019-04-05
    ·High Quality Students Base of Central University of Finance and Economics Conf... 2019-04-02
    ·The 12nd “Principal Cup” AHS Drama Festival Commenced 2019-03-26
    ·AHS Ranks among “2018 List of Top 100 Most Influential Primary and Middle Sch... 2019-03-21
    ·An AHS International Department Student Made Outstanding Achievements in PUPC 2019-03-16
    ·The Annual Students’ Award Ceremony Held in AHS 2019-03-04
    ·AHS Organized 2019 Winter Social Practice Activities 2019-02-21
    ·AHS International Course Department Students Attended the 16th International F... 2019-02-21
    ·AHS Students Made Outstanding Achievements in the 11th National Middle School ... 2019-01-27
    ·AHS Students Made Outstanding Achievements in the 2nd “Yanyuan Cup” Historic... 2019-01-11
    ·Five Research Outcomes in AHS Awarded 2018 Educational and Teaching Prizes 2019-01-04
    ·AHS Won the Title “Civilized Provincial Unit” Successively in 6 Years 2019-01-01
    ·Assistant Dean of School of Business of University of Southern California Paid... 2018-12-21
    ·11 Students of AHS Won the 1st Prize of 2018 National Olympiad in Informatics ... 2018-12-07
    ·The 1st Shandong Provincial Youth Creative Programming and AI Design Contest H... 2018-12-02
    ·AHS Ranked among the First Membership Units of National Development Community ... 2018-11-27
    ·National Institute of Education Sciences Awarded AHS “First Seed School of 20... 2018-11-22
    ·Admission Officers of University of California, Berkeley Paid a Visit to AHS 2018-11-06
    ·The 18th AHS Students’ Congress was Held 2018-11-01
    ·AHS Attended the 27th Annual Conference of “Teaching Alliance of High Schools... 2018-10-22
    ·AHS International Department Hosted an Enrollment Lecture by 7 Universities fr... 2018-10-21
    ·AHS International Department Held the 3rd Foundation and Admission Conference ... 2018-10-21
    ·AHS Held Admission Gatherings for Students’ Associations 2018-10-21
    ·AHS Made Outstanding Achievements in the 17th National Creative English Contest 2018-10-14
    ·Wang Yuzhang Delivered a Speech in the 16th “Future Star” Teachers’ Profess... 2018-10-11
    ·14 AHS Teachers Awarded “Provincial Quality Lesson” in 2018 Shandong Provinc... 2018-10-04
    ·AHS Students Made Outstanding Achievements in the 5th iSTAR and the 12th iCAN ... 2018-09-14
    ·5 AHS Teachers Appointed as Postgraduate Research Supervisor of Shandong Norma... 2018-09-07
    ·AHS Made Its Debut in Middle School Students’ Fencing Championship 2018-09-07
    ·AHS Students Attained Outstanding Achievements in the 10th National Demonstrat... 2018-09-03
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